Company Safety Statement

High Mark Well Servicing Ltd. goal as individuals working together, is to be as productive as possible. Personal injury and equipment damage caused by accidents reduces our ability to do this. We must operate safety to avoid the costs and pain, which can result from accidents. Safety is not something extra added to our job. It is the result we enjoy from doing things properly.

Doing a job "properly" is using proper procedure. This does three things:

  • It uses a minimum of effort
  • It consumes a minimum amount of time
  • It creates a minimum of risk to people and equipment

It is quite simply the process of doing a job as quickly and easily as possible with maximum safety. Proper work procedures do not waste time, even though they may take longer. To sacrifice safety for speed, defeats our primary goal.

Preventing accidents and controlling loss is a task, which crosses all levels of organization and activity in our company.

To achieve success in our safety program, it will be our policy to:

  • Identify hazards and avoid or eliminate them through the selection of work procedures and equipment requirements.
  • Assign personal responsibility to supervisors and workers for the use of proper work procedures within their control.
  • Select capable personnel willing to contribute to the success of an accident prevention program.
  • Provide personnel with formal training in the skills and knowledge needed to work in, and supervise a low-risk operation.

We, the members of the petroleum industry, have a responsibility to protect all workers engaged in its activities from personal injury and health hazards. To meet our responsibility, we will operate under the following guiding principles:


The operating company, when acting as prime contractor, is responsible for coordination and general supervision of all activities at the work site, including activities carried out by contractors, sub-contractors, service companies and suppliers. While all parties have a responsibility to promote worker safety, the operating company recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker health and safety on the basis that it is the greatest power to influence work site situations. It is the responsibility of workers and employers to refuse to perform unsafe work practices.


Activities will be conducted on the basis that safety of all personnel is of vital importance, whether those personnel are employed by an operating company, a contractor, a sub-contractor, a service company or a supplier.


The process of selecting contractors, sub-contractors, service companies and supplies, and the administration of contracts, will include recognition and support of good safety performance. Support and recognition based on good safety performance will also be provided by all employers to their employees.


The operating company, in cooperation with service companies within the industry, will promote methods and practices that have potential for improving safety performance.