Rig 6

2012 KSM 550 – Freestanding Double
Controlled rear Egress from tubing board and rod basket
Tri-Steer w/air ride Tri-Drive
Derrick 104 ft Telescoping mast w/ hydraulic freestanding
Draw works KSM 550 42X10 w/ kobelt disc assist
Dual 8000 lb winches on carrier
Power by series 60 Detroit Diesel 500 H.P
Transmission 5860 Allison
Hook load rated 220,000 lbs w/ 6 lines
Class II accumulator system on rig w/ remote stand on
Carrier for class III option from doghouse unit

Rig Tank Info

30 m3 two compartment rig tank w/ steam lines
Poor boy degasser
Troff and mixing hopper
Man lift / 5,000 lb certified
Rig tank has one set of stairs at rear of tank

Mast Equipment

KSM derrick 104 ft mast w/ rear controlled descent egress
Hydraulic freestanding
Hook load 220,000 lbs w/ 6 lines
Rated for 4600m of 2 7/8 tbg

Mobile Pump Unit

2012 M2 112 B.W pump truck w/ tri-drive
DD15 Detroit Diesel
DRDB 4700 Allison automatic transmission
Septro direct drive pump
SJ 300 5X5 Triplex mud pump. 5000 psi pressure rated
4X5 mission assist pump
Flo Pro 9100 fluid monitoring system
30,000 lb hydraulic winch
Pump truck hauls rig tank

Doghouse Truck

2012 M6 112 tandem drive freightliner
Engine Cummins 1sc-300 HP
18 ft deck w/ 15,000 lb winch
BOP test stump on deck
Power tong holder & annular holder
Carries all auxiliary equipment

Doghouse Info

1 – UTM 8.5X90X36 ft pindle hitch doghouse Tri-axle dually
Unit pulled by support truck
1 – 55 K.W. Izuzu light plant
1 – Electric toilet in light plant area
1 – Stretcher w/ back board and high angle rescue kit
1 – First aid & eyewash station & certification book on all equipment
Safety glasses & hearing protection
ERCB Manual
2 – Scott air packs
6 – Lockers
Microwave & coffee maker
Light plant w/ 66 gallon class III system w/ hydraulic
hose reels & hoses to connect to Rig accumulator
Energized rear safety bumper